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Kinds of Tea

Gift of Nature

Figure : Production of various tea in Japan

Tea is usually classified into three groups according to the differenceof processing; fermented tea (black tea), non-fermented tea (oolong tea).
Among these three types, almost all teas are made into green tea in Japan.

Andalso, green tea is classified into several different kinds according to the partof the leaf used, pluc-king time, cultivation methods, manufacturing methods, etc.
Almost all of these tea are produced from steamed leaves to remove the enzymeactivity.

Kinds of Japanese Green Tea


Sencha is the most popular type of tea in Japan Sencha, which is produced in the first crop season, is a particular favorite because of its refreshing Flavor with a green note. Fukamushicha is the other type of sencha, which is produced from leaves steamedfor a longer time. The color of liquor is deep green and its taste is bitterless.


This is the finest tea in Japan, and its taste is a tender sweet astringency andcharacteristic flavor. This tea is cultivated in the shade for about 2 weeks.


Stick tea is the tea of collection of the sticks only removed in the processof refined tea. It contains scent and body which are not existent in the leaveteas. The taste of higher quality stick tea is more mellow.


This is lower grade of sencha, made from coarse leaves and stalks. The size of the rolled tea leaves is also larger than sencha.

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